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WaterPark Farm is located in Byfield on the Capricorn coast of Queensland, in the shadow of the Byfield range, on the banks of the magnificent WaterPark creek and surrounded by sub-tropical rainforest.

WaterPark Farm was established in 1880 by a group of Swiss French immigrants, who choose this area because of the excellent rainfall, fertile soil and potential for intensive agriculture. The area later became known as the “Fruit Bowl of Central Queensland” by the large volumes of fruit produced every year to feed most of the population of central Queensland.

Surrounded by two mountains ranges and the ocean, the area has a constant two metres rainfall which contributes to the incredible vegetation growth and bountiful production.

The 240 acres farm has an agriculture history of citrus, coffee, tobacco, lemongrass, and lemongrass oil, after which tea tree was a natural progression.

Established by Ernest Mills OBE, (1910-2008) the first planting of tea tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) took place in 1988, and oil production started in 1989.

In 2000, a chance meeting by Jordan saw him purchase the farm with the view to carry on Ernest’s grand vision of farming the 850,000 tea trees into the future.

A background of diverse agriculture skills has allowed Jordan to turn the farm into a vibrant hub of production. Some of the changes includes:

  • The generation of the amazing Steamed Tea Tree Mulch for gardens.
  • The establishment of the Waterpark Eco Tours to showcase the beauty of the property and to expand the public knowledge of Tea Tree Oil.
  • A switch to Biodynamic certified farming methods for increased soil and plant health.
  • A comfortable Farm Stay cabin

After 11 years producing tea tree oil in bulk for export and small amount for the local market, the decision was made to place the product in retail outlets.

There were several reasons behind the decision

  • The lack of quality 100% pure Tea Tree Oil locally grown and Australian owned on the market.
  • The specific demand for Waterpark Farm tea tree oil from many Australian and internationally established clients.
  • To consolidate the general trend towards natural healing.

After having great success using and recommending Waterpark Farm Tea Tree Oil in a variety of homemade creams and moisturisers we decided to create our own commercial cream using the unique products on the farm.

Hence WaterPark Farm Revival Cream was born.

Jordan explains :

“I have the typical farmers hands… dry, cracked, calloused and usually burnt. I wanted to create a product using the tea tree and a collection of nature’s best skin repair agents to revive the condition of my skin.

The first couple of samples were OK but needed something else, then our  manager (Elodie) and I hit on the idea of using this beautiful Byfield Rainwater that we steam, inject into the tea tree biomass, extract the wonderful oil and are left with this amazing soft Tea Tree water infused with oil.

We incorporated the Tea Tree water into the cream and the results have been incredible. “I’m a happy man with happy hands “ Retail and personal response to the new cream has been extremely positive with us discovering many other benefits to using this great product.

(Tested on Queenslanders and family, interstate and overseas.)

The secret of life is to love what you do.”

Farm Address

201 WaterPark Road

Byfield, QLD 4703


04 88351171

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