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Steamed Tea Tree Mulch – The Secret To A Great Garden

When temperatures rise in Australia (which can be most of the year for much of the nation!) gardens need a little more love, and water becomes more precious. A good quality mulch is an important part of any healthy, happy and sustainable garden.

We developed Tea Tree Mulch using steamed biomass from our Tea Tree plantation, which is the organic crop waste that is left over after distillation. Our mulch adds nutrients to the soil, while helping to lock in moisture and prevent weed growth around your plants.

Our Tea Tree mulch is highly absorbent, allowing water to freely penetrate, reducing the need for watering and enhancing moisture retention.

Unlike some other products, our Tea Tree Mulch is free from any impurities, weeds or diseases and retains its nitrogen content, which plants love. It’s safe for use around all types of plants, including natives, and is also termite resistant.

Many mulch products will fade very quickly but our Tea Tree Mulch will retain a beautiful rich color for months, keeping your gardens looking fresh and tidy.

To purchase WaterPark Farm Steamed Tea Tree mulch, click here.

Others benefits of our Steamed Tea Tree Mulch are:
  • · Enriches the soil and stimulates fast growth of plants and crops
  • · Worm friendly to improve soil structure
  • · Great soil conditioner
  • · Reduces erosion
  • · Lasts between 12 and 18months before breaking down to a rich and pliable dark soil.
  • · Fresh and astringent smell
  • · Natural feel and look
  • · Does not wash away or blow away
  • · Easy to spread

Our Tea Tree Mulch comes in a 90-litre bag, which is enough to cover around two square meters of garden area.

We deliver free of charge for the local area (Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Emu Park and surroundings).

You get a free bag for the purchase of 20 bags.

Here’s some feedback from one happy customer after applying our Tea Tree Mulch to their gardens!

“Over the years I’ve tried various mulch products on my garden. But usually they fade very quickly in the sun and look untidy, or weeds start to grow through almost straight away. The Tea Tree Mulch from Waterpark Farm has transformed my garden beds. I love the color and texture of the mulch, and it’s keeping my plants looking lush and happy while the weeds are kept at bay!”

 David, 49, Emu Park


Tips for a healthy garden:

1.     Select plants that will grow happily in your soil and climate conditions

2.     Apply the Tea Tree Mulch around your plants to give them extra nutrients, lock in moisture, and prevent weed growth. We recommend to lay a thickness of 50-75mm. Keep the mulch away from plants stems (100mm).  

3.     Water the area thoroughly before and after applying the mulch

4.     Water plants regularly and fertilize as needed.

5.     Consider planting natives that attract local bird life and bees to contribute to a healthy local ecosystem.


To purchase our Tea Tree Mulch, go to our online shop.

We also supply the Brisbane area and Sunshine Coast few times a year and other Queensland Regions depending on demand (price may vary). Contact us if you would like us to deliver our Tea Tree mulch in your area. Please do not place your order online if you're outside the Capricorn Coast.

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