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Tea Tree Oil and Fungal Nail

Did you know that up to 25% of people worldwide suffer from fungal nail infection at some point in their lives?

The fungus is contagious, making the spread of nail fungus or other fungus-related infections easy. It is essential to look out for any early signs that may point towards a possible infection.

Interestingly, tea tree oil has been used by many people worldwide for treating fungal nail infections, but its effectiveness has drawn mixed opinions.

So, what can be done to heal fungal nails? Does tea tree oil help treat this infection? This blog is here to answer these questions for you. Let us jump right in!

What is Fungal Nail Infection?                        

Fungal nail infection occurs because of the overgrowth of fungi. It develops over time with no or minor symptoms initially but shows complications once it has overgrown.

Although fungal infections can occur in any part of your body, they are more common in toe nails. Since the feet mostly remain covered in shoes, it provides the perfect moisture and warmth for fungi to grow.

Symptoms of Fungal Nail Infection:

Given below is a list of the symptoms you need to watch out for:

·        Pain or discomfort –particularly around the infected toes

·        Discoloration of nails

·        Rigid or hard nails

·        Thickening of nails

People with prevalent medical conditions related to blood circulation and diabetes are at a higher risk of developing severe symptoms.

Unfortunately, most people consider fungal nails as an ordinary condition. In most cases, the infection does not come with severe complications. However, if left untreated, it can grow in the nails' surrounding areas and make it difficult to walk.

Podiatrists can perform an early diagnosis of fungal nail infection and its causes through lab tests and then prescribe medicines accordingly.

Why Use Tea Tree Oil for Fungal Nail Infections?

Due to its antibacterial properties, tea tree oil is used in Podiatry, e.g., to treat nail fungus.

According to a study in 1994, it was found that tea tree oil was as effective on fungal nails as one of the popular antibacterial creams prescribed by the doctors.

In another study conducted in 1999, researchers used a cream containing tea tee oil on a group of people who had been suffering from toe nail fungus for 16 weeks. This cream wholly cured 80% of the participants in the group.

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How to Use Tea Tree Oil?

Showing the credibility of using tea tree oil, it is crucial to understand the correct procedure to apply the oil to treat fungal nails.

Procedure to follow before applying the oil:

1.      Carefully cut off all the heavily infected nail edges. It may not be easy to cut the nails' infected parts, so you can use a nail filer to file as much as possible.

2.      Removing any infected debris is crucial. So, for this purpose, you need to wash your nails with any skin-friendly gel.

3.      Make sure to properly dry your nails after washing because moisture can help fungus regrow very quickly.

Applying the oil:

1.      Dilute the tea tree oil with coconut oil if you are weary of the strength of the tea tree oil. Otherwise apply a 100% pure Tea Tree Oil.

2.      Use a cotton swab soaked in the (diluted) oil and gently apply it to the nail plate. Let the oil get soaked in the nails properly. The use of a cotton swab is to make sure that the fungus does not spread through your hands.

3.      Make sure you are barefooted for some time after applying the oil to make sure it does not get rubbed off.

4.      Apply the oil twice a day to get promising results.

5.      Results may not be immediate. The oil must be applied consistently, and results will appear gradually.

6.      Stop using the oil if you get an allergic reaction at any point in the process.

Nail fungus can over grow and is not easy to stop. Essential oil treatment with tea tree oil can produce fruitful results with consistent use.

Fortunately, tea tree oil's antifungal and antiseptic properties have been scientifically proven, so it is safe to use. However, you must ensure that you buy high-quality oil, and preferably a 100% pure oil.

WaterPark Farm tea tree oil is grown chemical-free, making it an obvious choice for the consumers. So, place your order now and say goodbye to the fungal nail infection!

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