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Our humble Australian Tea Tree oil can be found in the bathroom cabinets of many Australian homes, and is widely used as a natural antiseptic for cuts, insect bites and to calm inflammations of the skin. But do you know about the origins of this magical oil and how Tea Tree got its name?

Historical records show that Tea Tree has been used as a form of natural medicine for thousands of years in Australia. The botanical name for Tea Tree is Melaleuca Alternifolia, but the plant was named Tea Tree when the indigenous Bundjalung people were seen to boil the leaves into a herbal tea, to treat sore throats. The Bundjalung people also used the plant in other ways, crushing the leaves in their hands and inhaling the natural oils for relief from sinus and respiratory illness. They would also apply the leaves to cuts and insect bites, to treat and prevent infections. Indigenous folklore tells the story of Princess Eelamani, who had to travel alone through the coastal Bushland of New South Wales, and called upon the Gods of the Earth for protection. The Gods scattered seeds of the Tea Tree along her path so that the silvery bark would reflect the moon and light her way. Princess Eelamani was kept safe on her journey, and the Bundjalung learned that the leaves of the trees would also protect them against infection and ill-health.  

Today at Waterpark Farm, we maintain the greatest respect for our Tea Tree. We operate using biodynamic and sustainable farming principles to distill the purest Tea Tree oil possible, making the most of its magical properties to protect Australian families. Shop our range of Tea Tree products.

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