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The story of the Revival Cream

Our Revival Cream is one of our top-selling products and is quickly developing a reputation as an all-natural remedy against all kinds of skin complaints.

We love it when we receive emails from our customers telling us how effective Revival Cream has been for them. And to think that it all started with finding a solution for our own dry hands on the farm!

Our founder Jordan has been a farmer for many years, and definitely has hardworking farmer’s hands! But after long days on the farm, he needed a cream that would help to soothe and relieve the dry and damaged skin on his hands. After trying everything available in the shops, he decided to come up with his own solution.

It started with blending our Waterpark Farm pure Tea Tree oil into a cream base with other nourishing oils such as Aloe Vera, Lemon Myrtle and Shea Butter.  

But something wasn’t quite right.

After much trial and error, he finally stumbled on the answer – during the distillation process, we take pure Byfield rainwater, run it through the boiler which turns it into steam, which is then diverted through the tea tree biomass, capturing the tea tree oil in the process, we then condense the steam into a liquid, the solution separates, the tea tree oil floats on top and is removed.

We are left with this wonderful soft antibacterial Tea Tree hydrosol which has been infused with tea tree oil.

When added to the other natural ingredients, the cream became lighter, more easily absorbed, and immediately more nourishing on the skin.

Our customers tell us that Revival Cream has helped them tackle all sorts of skin complaints from dry skin, to eczema, allergies and even psoriasis.


Here’s a few stories we received recently:

 “As the owner of a busy café, my hands are constantly in and out of water, which means they dry out and end up with painful cracks in the skin. I’ve tried all sorts of creams and lotions and nothing has really worked. But when I tried Revival Cream, I immediately found my skin getting softer and my hands started healing more quickly. It’s amazing stuff.”

David, 44, Brisbane

 “I recently had an allergic reaction flare up on my legs. I saw a doctor but was still suffering with a lot of itching and red inflammation on my skin. After trying Revival Cream, the itching pretty much stopped and my skin instantly calmed down. I also stored my Revival Cream in the fridge for a really nice cooling effect. And it smells so good too!”

Emma,23, Sunshine Coast

If you frequently get dry, cracked skin, or have conditions such as red and irritated skin and more, our Revival cream may be able to assist. It is also a great natural everyday moisturiser. Click here to buy The Revival cream and see the many benefits it can bring you.


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